Mrs. Beetle’s Class Learns About Solar Energy

An entertaining and educational way for your Child to learn about renewable energy

Fully illustrated downloadable e-book for children ages 7-10

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About the Book

Solar education for kids can be easy, fun and important.  Mrs. Beetle’s Class Learns about Solar Energy is an entertaining and humorous must have for your child.  It’s the story of how Mrs. Beetle, whose classroom is located in a hollowed out tree, expertly guides four cute and funny characters— Bo (the Bee), Becky (the butterfly), Felipe (the Fly), and Dorothy (the dragonfly)— on an exciting adventure while teaching them about solar energy. 

“We need to learn to use renewable, clean sources of energy,” Mrs. Beetle instructed the whole class in an easy-to-comprehend manner. 

By the end of the field trip, Bo, Becky, Felipe, and Dorothy understood everything about solar energy, it’s advantages over non-renewable resources, and how each of them could have a positive effect on the environment. 

4 Reasons your child should read “Mrs. Beetle’s Class Learns About Solar Energy”

  • Fully illustrated colorful e-book - This 22-page book contains lots of vibrant graphics that just seem to leap off the pages thanks to the illustrations by Creative Knot.  It’s important that children not only learn from the text but have an engaging experience and that’s exactly what we’ve provided.
  • Impactful lesson - The creation and use of energy is one of the most important subjects for children to learn.  Kids that learn about solar energy will be in a better position to make the right energy choices when they get older.  After all the children of today will be the inventors of tomorrow.   
  • Humorous and entertaining - Each child can choose their favorite character and will be glued to the pages from cover to the stories end. From Bo’s sleeping adventure because of energy deficiency to Felipe showing off, you’re definitely going to get a big smile and some giggles from your child.
  • Vocabulary enhancement with questions and answers - Mrs. Beetle’s Class Learns about Solar Energy does more than entertain of course!  At the end of this inspiring read we’ve compiled some of the most frequently used words and their definitions that will further enhance your child’s vocabulary. Also, the questions asked will ensure that your child fully understands the lessons in this book. 


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